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Does your horse or dog problems with their joints?

Chondroflex could be an option. Chondroflex is a dietary supplement that contains only natural products.

Joints and articular cartilage

Articular cartilage plays an important role for optimal joint function by providing low friction between bone ends, while rebuildifreja-chon-2.jpgng load protection for the underlying bone.

Why Chondroflex?

Chondroflex adds the necessary raw materials for the formation of new joint fluid and cartilage matrix, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and various glycosaminoglycans.

Chondroflex is a food preparation / food supplement and as such, it is safe from the side effect standpoint.

Chondroflex is a patented combination of glucosamine, purified chondroitin sulphate and manganese ascorbate.

The ingredients are of very high purity level and each will assist a primary function of the body's connective tissue synthesis.

• Glykosamin HCL - main contributor in the synthesis of synovial fluid and the whole cartilage matrix including collagen and proteoglycans that bind water in a specific manner and respond to cartilage steadiness.

• Chondroitin sulphate - main component of proteoglycans and part of the cartilage's own protection against degradation enzymes. (400mg/capsule)

• Manganese - an essential factor for the biosynthesis of proteoglycans to function.

• Curcumin - is a big plus in its anti-inflammatory effect.

• Vitamin C - gives the different subjects maximum absorption.

Chondroflex is unique in that each ingredient works both separately and together, i.e. synergistically.

Dosage horse (crush the tablets and put in the food)

6 tablets per day for four weeks, then 4 tablets per day as maintenance dose.

Dosage Dog (crush the tablet and place in the food)

Vikt Dygns Dos Dos i 6 veckor Underhållsdos
<5 kg ½-1 tabl 1/4-½ tabl.x 2/dag ½ tabl. / dag
5-25 2 Tabl. 1 x 2 / dag ½ tabl. / dag
25-50 3 Tabl. 2+1 tabl / dag 1 tabl. /dag
50-  4 Tabl. 2 tabl. x 2 / dag 1 tabl. / dag

MSRP 420:- Sek

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