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A good horse ointment with many uses.

A light antiseptic and emollient ointment for both muscles and bones?

The ointment that naturally contribute to your horse's well being.vegebom.jpg

Vegebom Veterinaire, which is easily antiseptic and emollient, has been on the market in France for many years where it has been used for a variety of horse-related problems. The ointment has also been in the Swedish market for some years now and the customers, who are constantly growing in number, are very happy with the good effects of the ointment. The ointment works very well for Icelandic horses receiving various types of skin problems in summer which are often provoked by midges. These bites often cause severe itching of wounds as a result. With Vegebom Veterinaire you can alleviate the horse's problems. Vegebom Veterinaire is a carefully proven ointment consisting of natural plant extract mixed in an oil-based gel. Only ingredients that satisfy the European "pharmaceutical codex" is used. The ointment is produced under pharmaceutical septic inspection and "Good manufacturing practice". It can be used with other products as a complementary treatment. No antibiotics or sulfamides are included.


- For "summer skin"-problems, dry skin, to soften.

- On strained bones and tendons

- For muscle soreness

- Is insect repellent

- At engorgement, not dangerous for the mare foal suckling.


- Wash the area to be treated with hot water, wipe, lubricate with the ointment. At engorgement or swelling, rub the ointment on the area and allow a stock to remain on the surface. Cover if necessary so the horse does not lick the ointment. If necessary, repeat every four hours.


- Vegebom Veterinaire contains selected plant extracts that can trigger allergic reactions to some people. If you discover irritation or a rash on your hands, wash with warm water and refrain from further use without gloves.


- The cream can be stored for 5 years under normal conditions, and the expiration date is found on the tube. If it hardens due to cold weather warm it in lukewarm water until it regains the desired consistency.

MSRP 135:- Sek

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