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Welcome to Top Speed Hälsa 

Top Speed Hälsa & Försäljnings AB was founded in 1992. We strive to provide health market with different types of products for both humans and our animals.

Lactic acid bacteria

Probimin is a Swedish supplement with lactic acid bacteria that are patented for its unique tablet form. Read more about our product.


Looking for a good horse ointment with many uses. A light antiseptic and emollient ointment for both muscles and bones?


Joint problems?

Is Chondroflex the right aid for your horse / dog?

Joints and articular cartilage

Cooling Bandage

This product now provides the possibility to actively treat animals and humans in an optimal way.

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2016-12-08  Death by dangerous intestinal bacteria

Bacterium is a gastrointestinal bacterium called Clostridium difficile type 027. The text is in Swedish.

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