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Probimin Powder

What are lactic acid bacteria?

"Lactic acid bacteria are bacteria that produce lactic acid as they ferment. The bacteria are virtually everywhere: in plants, in the air we breathe and in our own skin and our intestinal tract. Lactic acid bacteria are found in countless variations and strengths. "Pulver-utan-bg-copy.jpg

Probimin is a Swedish supplement with lactic acid bacteria.

For those who have difficulty swallowing tablets, Probimin Powder is a good alternative for probiotic products.

The powder is easy to sprinkle on your food and provides no taste.

Probimin Powder has faster effect than the tablet.

Probimin Powder has been on the market since 1990.

Analyses of raw materials and finished products are carried out by an independent Swedish laboratory, to ensure the highest quality. Probimin Powder is a stable powder that is guaranteed to be as effective in 24 months after manufacture when stored at room temperature.

Content: live lactic acid bacteria

1 tsp Probimin Powder = 3.5 billion bacteria.

Who, When, How?

Who can eat Probimin?

Everyone can eat Probimin, young and old.

When should I eat Probimin?

For best effect, Probimin is taken with meals.

How much powder should I take?

1-2 teaspoons, 1-3 times / day. Dilute with water.

MSRP 415:- Sek

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