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Cooling Bandage Flexible Ice

Cooling bandages, size 37x 42 cm

Bandage with 2 Flexible Ice, 37 x 21 cm.Flexible-ice-2.jpg

This product now provides the possibility to actively treat animals and humans in an optimal way. The long-lasting cold reduces muscle tension and penetrate deep into the tissues, thus inhibiting the inflammatory process.

Flexible Ice is totally flexible in all directions and provides an effective and long cooling time. The content is completely non-toxic.

Flexible ice laid in a protective "case", in which it is attached with elastic straps with Velcro. This helps you to attach the bandage where you want it, and it sits remain in place! This case can be washed at 40 º C. Cooling bandage stored in a freezer when not in use (3-4 hours freezing time). Cooling bandage is easy to use for various injuries through its special design.

MSRP 419:- Sek

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2016-12-08  Death by dangerous intestinal bacteria

Bacterium is a gastrointestinal bacterium called Clostridium difficile type 027. The text is in Swedish.

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